B2B Lead Generation Consulting

“…an expert on LinkedIn who can help with getting connections, messaging potential customers, and doing a face lift on LinkedIn to…look professional.”

Edgar Aguilar

President, Legacy CC


  Video-Powered Messaging

Video adds personality and power to your sales communication.

Pitches using video are 6X more likely to turn people into paying customers.

68 percent of consumers prefer short videos for learning about new products (Hubspot)

By powering  your LinkedIn Lead Generation with video, you can get more clicks and calls.

Result: Up to 40 percent of your best future clients engage with your videos.


What Your Message Will Look Like In LinkedIn:

What Your Video Pitch Will Look Like:

Personalized Invites 

In LinkedIn, when you want to connect with someone you need to send an invitation to connect. Each of the invitations sent on your behalf will contain the recipient’s name and information specifically relevant to you and your account.

Result: A message that looks handwritten.

  Personalized Pitches

The difference between pitches that annoy people and pitches that work is personalization: finding and sharing something different/specific  to each individual lead.

Result: A human pitch that gets positive results.

LinkedIn Profile Audit 

Using the best LinkedIn practices, we update your LinkedIn profile to give it a professional look that gets noticed by the right potential customers.

Result: A professional profile that helps sell your products and services.




  LinkedIn Lead Generation Dashboard

Tracking metrics and analytics for LinkedIn Lead Generation has generally sucked…UNTIL NOW. We just developed a dashboard that works across devices so you can track:

Increased connections, Profile views, Video views (for video-powered messaging), CTA Clicks (or clicks of your links), Number of engaged prospects, and Calls in-queue.

  Bi -Monthly Update Meetings

Stay on top of your LinkedIn Social Selling Progress and see in real-time how well you’re doing with LinkedIn compared to your industry and network with Weekly Progress Reports generated in LinkedIn.

Also, talk over any issues, updates and lead matters live during an update meeting held twice a month at a convenient time for you and your team.


Put The World’s Largest Professional Online Network To Work For Your Business

What if you could access over half a billion professionals from over 200 countries, inviting them to learn more about your business–and eventually sell them? It’s not a fantasy. It’s possible with LinkedIn.

Think about it…

  • LinkedIn gets 2 new members every second
  • The latest user goal is over 3 billion professionals

Target Qualified Buyers Where They Live Online

In the past, businesses and marketers alike had to rely on ineffective ways to find potential buyers (that could actually afford their products and services). Not any more. LinkedIn is where top executives and buyers of goods and services live online.


  • The average CEO has 930 connections on LinkedIn
  • 41% of millionaires use LinkedIn

Work With Quality Leads

According to Forbes, three in every four B2B decision-makers and more than 80 percent of C-suite members now use social media to inform their buying decisions.

With my LinkedIn Automation Service, you’ll get the benefit of building a quality network of potential B2B leads, and visibility desired by your business peers without the hard work.