Frequently Asked Questions

Industry and Product


What industry/industries would you say you’re in?

Primary: Marketing and Advertising

Secondary: Training, Consulting


What products/services does your company offer?

LI (LinkedIn) Confident Connector (Online Training Program)

LI Social Selling (Online Training Program)

LI Prospecting Service

LI Live/In-Person Training


How much do services run? Current prices as of 05-10-18:

LI (LinkedIn) Confident Connector: $297 for one-year access

LI Social Selling (Online Training Program): $397 for one year access

LI Prospecting Service: $1497 per month (40-60 hours)

LI Live/In-Person Training: rates vary, please contact Jean-Marc at: jeanmarc[at]saint313[dot]com


What are the unique selling points; what makes your company different from its competition?

Saint313 Limited has the ability to connect with decision-makers at mid to large size companies, streamlining the process of getting a sales call using LinkedIn.


What is your success rate for getting sales calls?

On average, we are able to get over 3 percent of new connections to commit to a sales call. That is over 3 times the success rate of traditional advertising.


What if I don’t need help with LinkedIn?

Saint313 Limited also has partnerships with other marketers and marketing companies. We may be able to help you find the service that best suits your current marketing needs.


Who do you consider your competitors?





How many locations does your business operate?  

The business is physically located in the Greater Denver, CO area, however, training can occur worldwide via in-person and online events.


What languages can you accommodate?



What is some useful information I might like to know?

Some information about the Founder of Saint313 Limited, Jean-Marc Saint Laurent:  

  • Known as a copywriter and content marketer with solo/team work featured by MSNBC Inc., Cosmopolitan, MTV, etc.
  • Creator of LinkedIn Confident Connector
  • Gotten customers valuable sales calls with decision-makers at top companies in telecom., finance, hospitality, retail, etc.

Business Details and Information


What is the official name of the business?:

Saint313 Limited


First and last name of main contact?

Jean-Marc Saint Laurent, Founder


What is the physical address and contact information of the business?

City:  1719 N. Emerson St.

City: Denver

State: CO

Zip: 80218

Phone: 7205775654

Business email of main contact: jeanmarc[at]saint313[dot]com

General email address (i.e.: info@[company].com): jeanmarc[at]saint313[dot]com

Website Address: saint313.com


How would you describe the business?

We help businesses get sales calls with LinkedIn.


What days are you open and what are your hours of operation? All times are in Denver/MST (Mountain Standard Time):

Mon – Hours: 8A-4P

Tue – Hours: 8A-4P

Wed – Hours: 8A-4P

Thu – Hours: 8A-4P

Fri – Hours: 8A-4P

Sat – Hours: Unavailable

Sun – Hours: Unavailable


Payments and Billing


What kind of payment options do you offer?

All payment options (credit,debit, etc.) are currently handled via PayPal. Each payment link will lead to PayPal.


How can I cancel my service?

Cancellations are done via PayPal. Login and click on one of the recurring payments , in your summary, that you’d like to stop. Please see PayPal’s Instructions for more details.


Do you have any specials or deals?

Specials and deals are usually given out to audience members at events, presentations, and webinars.


What is your return policy?

Up to 1 year, for online training only.