Getting New Business Sucks, Especially When It’s Not Working


The feeling of watching your business wither is worse than being robbed. Numbers and figures replay in your head over and over -- your brain turns into a lizard’s.


Your brain reduces to survival mode. Everything is “yours,” you don’t feel like sharing. You only feel like crying  but you can’t because you’re in the office and people expect you to keep it together.


Suddenly, all you want to do is walk. You feel you could walk for days, down empty alleyways, across golden fields, through bustling city centers -- because movement and newness helps your brain. Regardless you keep thinking about those shrinking numbers and what it means, for you, those you love, your future, your partners, your vendors.


“What should I cut first?” Is the only question you’ve considered for the last few hours. Actually, that’s a lie. There are several questions you’ll be assaulting yourself with such as


“How could I let this happen?” Or maybe 


“How did I think I could live so well?” Or


“How could I think this would last forever?” Or


“How could that idiot I know be doing better than me?” Or


“How will I get back?”


I hope you can see that I’ve been there. And that is a zipcode I’d rather never revisit. I never want to feel that shame, hopelessness, and depression -- things I rarely ever feel since I’m a natural optimist who treats positivity like a religion.


I hope you never have that feeling. I hope you never watch your phone, praying it doesn’t ring and you get more bad news. I swear it is an internal death.


But unlike 6-feet-under death, this “death” is (at least) avoidable.


What  You Need Is A (Proven) Strategy


Now you’ve heard about LinkedIn marketing and getting leads from LinkedIn. 


  • Reaching 660 million professionals online, from anywhere in the world
  • Creating larger deals
  • Finding and connecting with the right people at top businesses
  • Building a network list of sales leads


They all sound good -- but you need some questions answered, like

  • How do I find the right people to sell to that won’t waste my (limited) time?
  • What are real businesses doing now to make money using LinkedIn?
  • How can I make the right decisions for growing my business on LinkedIn?
  • How can I start getting sales leads for my business now?
  • What if my target customers don’t use LinkedIn. What then?


I hear you. And that’s why I’ve created The LinkedIn For Sales On-Demand Training.


LinkedIn For Sales | Boost B2B Sales With LinkedIn

On-Demand Training

What You'll Learn 

You'll you'll learn the strategy a local family-owned business used to land a six-figure deal with a major tech company. I'll also share…

  • How to find the right decision makers at qualified businesses
  • The free hack that melts sales call resistance with almost any prospect
  • How to avoid the number one sales mistake people make on LinkedIn
  • How to contact nearly anyone by mining LinkedIn (and other sites) for accurate contact information
  • Advanced LinkedIn Lead Generation strategy and tools



The workbook covers beginning LinkedIn for sales


The videos cover more advanced LinkedIn for sales

What You'll Get

  • 4 - Part Training Series
  • Over 1 Hour Video Training
  • Complete LinkedIn For Sales Workbook (30+ pages)
  • Lifetime Access For Any Update

You Can Get It Now For $70

I've Used LinkedIn For A 600% ROI In My Business

I also help my customers with problems like this all the time. My name is Jean-Marc and I help B2B Companies get on the phone with future clients.


I've gotten sales people and business owners valuable sales calls with decision-makers at top companies such as Hyundai, AT&T, Wells Fargo and more using LinkedIn.


Most recently, one of my customers landed a potential six-figure deal with a major $1.1 billion tech database company through LinkedIn.

Businesses Like Yours Are Getting Sales With LinkedIn

Legacy Construction Cleaning was a family-run business having a tough time using LinkedIn and finding sales leads. LinkedIn did nothing for them--and seemed like a waste of space.

"My LinkedIn was pretty obsolete," admits LCC's owner Edgar Aguilar.

Using the strategies, I'll be sharing with you, Legacy Construction Cleaning, a family-owned business was able to land a potential 6-figure deal from an online tech company.

Now Edgar says, thanks to LinkedIn “the top line of our business will go up significantly.”

What Other People Are Saying...

"I seriously can’t thank you enough for your time and for all the helpful resources."

Jeff P. Jeff P.
Design Consultant

"We're getting too many leads to handle right now."

Eric B. Eric B.
Director of Customer Experience


I wanted to thank you for all of the helpful information that you provided yesterday. I'm now familiar with new LinkedIn tools and strategies. It was a highly useful and information packed event, and I appreciate the hard work you put into it."

J.L. J.L.
Media Company Owner

Companies We've Reached With LinkedIn Lead Generation

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What You'll Get

  • 4 - Part Training Series
  • Over 1 Hour Video Training
  • Complete LinkedIn For Sales Workbook (30+ pages)
  • Lifetime Access For Any Update

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