Build Consistent Business Income From Anywhere

Create A Life Preserver For Your Business

You've read the stories and you know the world's a little crazy right now. You are worried about your business.

But you also know that some businesses are thriving.

Have you ever wondered why some businesses create consistent sales while other businesses slow down? Why some companies cut spending while others sit on a surplus of cash?

You can't blame it on difficult times.

  • "90 percent of our customers are leaving" - Real Business Owner A
  • "Staying busy. Got consistent work!" - Real Business Owner B

These are 2 recent quotes from business owners describing their sales.

Business depends on the actions you take.

You've overcome difficulties before. You've seen sales go up when you weren't expecting it and you've seen sales go down when you thought there was more money coming your way.

It all depended on the work you put in beforehand.

The truth is, businesses that succeed in these "hard" times have 3 qualities:

  1. They create sales opportunities online.
  2. They can reach decision-makers (the people with the money) from anywhere.
  3. They do not act like victims of the economy.

So, how do you build consistent business income from anywhere?

At first, you might think...

...It's with. advertising .

However, running your whole business on ads gets very expensive. Plus, you will have to spend money while you test out what works. Marketing experts will tell you that you need to burn at least $10,000 "learning" before you start seeing any success.

So, even if you make a sale, you can still use money.

Then you might think a cold email campaign is the answer .

Just write and email and hit "send," right? Wrong! Cold email has a hit rate of 1 percent or less. This means, most people ignore emails from strangers. Don't you? More people ignoring you means you need to buy a big email list, say 10,000 emails.

Sending 10,000 requires buying a 10K email list at $750 + a bulk email sender at $400 + an email verification service at $50 + registration for a sending domain at $10 (that can and will be labeled as "spam" and cost you more money). That brings your cold email campaign total to $1210 --but wait a minute...

You probably want an expert to handle this for you, in that case, you can expect to pay an extra $300 for outsourced help. That brings your cold email total to $1510!

Here's the really bad news: most cold emails end up in the spam folder because the sending domain isn't "warmed-up." That means you're literally throwing money into the trash.

If you're not a cold email marketing expert don't expect their results.

For businesses that sell to people at other businesses, the answer is LinkedIn Lead Generation.

With LinkedIn Lead Generation you can

  • Create a consistent flow of sales leads.
  • Spend less money for more results.
  • Build relationships that increase sales.
  • Stop depending on referrals as your only lead source.
  • Create sales opportunities from anywhere.

When you build your business this way...

You can build your business from anywhere, you can stop worrying about the future of your company and how you will get your next deal.

You will stop depending on 1 person to connect you with the right person.

Instead you will be in control of the sales opportunities you create. You will stop waiting to "hear back" and get on more sales calls.

But many people are doing LinkedIn WRONG

Too many people are dropping potential sales opportunities on LinkedIn because they are turning people off: bad messaging, bad social selling process, bad connecting to get people ready for a sale.

To make it worse, they pay companies up to $30,000 who look like they are helping but only end up hurting their sales.

I've taken businesses from failing LinkedIn presence to being lit up with sales deals--one was an offer for a 6-figure deal from a major tech company.

Let's teach you how to use LinkedIn for Sales.

My name is Jean-Marc and I've helped B2B Companies make 5-figure deals using LinkedIn.

And I've gotten salespeople and business owners valuable sales calls with decision-makers at top companies such as Hyundai, AT&T, Wells Fargo and more using the strategies and tools I can show you.

Working with Saint313 was an eye-opener!

Rather than fret about hassling cold leads to meet in person one at a time and feeling more like a failure with each missed connection, Jean-Marc had me finding and connecting productively with exactly the sort of leads I was looking for within a week, and without having to leave my desk.

Dylan Fitzgerald, Principal
Dylan Fitzgerald, Principal Arboreal Studios

Learn from my mistakes.

No special experience required.

You don't have to be skilled with technology, good at social media, or have a lot of followers to do great LinkedIn Lead Generation.

When I started, I didn't have any of that. I wasted a lot of time and money doing things the wrong way until I discovered how to get sales meetings from LinkedIn.

I've made all the mistakes so you don't have to. I can show you the mistakes to avoid and help you succeed faster!

You will learn

  • How to find the right decision makers at qualified businesses
  • The free hack that melts sales call resistance with almost any prospect
  • How to avoid the number one sales mistake people make on LinkedIn
  • How to contact nearly anyone by mining LinkedIn (and other sites) for accurate contact information
  • How to create sales leads quickly using the people you’re already connected with.
  • How to attract VIPs and leads most likely to connect.
  • How to craft your LinkedIn profile to emphasize success and build authority.
  • The points of familiarity to use, so you can multiply your network with ease.
  • And More Advanced LinkedIn Lead Generation strategy and tools

You can go from losing to WINNING sales with LinkedIn

Edgar Aguilar was the owner of company that was failing with LinkedIn.

He ran Legacy Construction Cleaning, a family-owned business helping construction and property management companies by providing insured and BBB accredited cleaning services.

They had been in business for over 20 years. But they were struggling with LinkedIn.

While they were stronger on other platforms such as Google Ads and Yelp, their LinkedIn presence was neither professional nor helping bring more customers to the business. Edgar would tell you it was “obsolete” no real quality leads that might buy.

But after walking him through just a few of the strategies and tools I can share with you, such as how to create a targeted presence, how to find the right people, and how to pitch them correctly, his business has created 5-figure sales deals and received an offer for a  6-figure sales deal without asking for it!

The top line of our business will go up significantly!"

Edgar Aguilar, Owner
Edgar Aguilar, Owner Legacy Construction Cleaning

($30,000 created on LinkedIn--and counting)

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  • Create a consistent flow of sales leads.
  • Build relationships that increase sales.
  • Create sales opportunities from anywhere.

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