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We Help B2B Companies Get On The Phone With Future Clients

How it works: We guide you through managing the conversations you have with your ideal prospects on LinkedIn and cut the time your sales team spends prospecting by handing over warm leads.

Have you ever looked at your number of LinkedIn connections and wondered how you could better use LinkedIn for your business?

For those that know how, LI can be a valuable source of quality leads

Why Use LinkedIn? For Sales?

The landscape has changed due to technology and sales must evolve. Just consider:

* 75 percent of the business-to-business buyers use social media to make buying decisions.
* 50 percent of B2B buyers use LinkedIn as a source for making purchase decisions.
*In fact, 90 percent of C-level executives say they never reply to cold calls or cold emails.

With its verified 500+ million professional accounts, LinkedIn has become the top digital location to reach business decision-makers.

What Do We Do?

Although we call it “social” selling, our strategy packages are all about helping B2B Companies (like yours) get sales calls with LinkedIn.

we do that by guiding you through,

1) finding your right person (sales prospecting)
2) connecting and sending messages to your right person
3) helping you set up a call with your right person. 

We help you navigate your way through corporate structures so you can get quality meetings with interested decision-makers.

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